MS Bioengineering

The application deadline for the MS Program in Bioengineering is August 1st for the Spring semester and December 1st for Fall and Summer semesters.

Students who wish to pursue a Master's degree in Bioengineering may do so through the College of Computing. The specific requirements differ from those of the computer science master's program, and while the degree is granted from the College, applications for this program are processed through Georgia Tech's Bioengineering Center in the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs.

The Bioengineering Program offers two options for students interested in pursuing an MS degree in bioengineering. There are non-thesis programs based solely on coursework as well as thesis- based programs involving independent research and coursework.

In addition to the Bioengineering MS degree, several schools award traditional MS degrees which may have a bioengineering topic.

Students do not need to apply for an MS to pursue the PhD, and are discouraged from doing so if the PhD is their intended final degree. Students are generally admitted to the MS program with no guarantee of financial support.

View the MS Bioengineering degree website for program details.

If this kind of work interests you and fits with your career aspirations, why not go ahead and apply?