Strategic Partnership Program

A group photo of partners and CSE faculty standing on steps at SPP Summit

Whether it is a global supply chain, an emerging international market, or any number of massive data sets generated by the advance of new technologies, the power to apply the latest computation-based innovation is vital to remain competitive. Market advantages and timely solutions lie hidden in data for those with the power to find them.

CSE launched the Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) to create a vibrant, mutually beneficial link between CSE and industry. By joining SPP, companies have direct access to some of the world’s top emerging computational scientists and engineers. Partners can forge the kinds of private-public connections that have proven essential in tackling the most complex problems through scientific research. They can also recruit graduate students from a Top 10 computing program to the workforce and help shape the highly skilled workers of tomorrow through CSE curriculum advice. SPP partners are perfectly positioned to provide the type of feedback needed to keep the program application-focused even as students are firmly grounded in scientific knowledge and practice.

Partner Benefits

The Strategic Partnership Program allows partners to:

  • Forge research relationships with CSE faculty at an annual partners-only SPP meeting
  • Keep up with the latest CSE research through our news and announcements of events and seminars
  • Connect directly to your workforce recruitment pool through email access to our students
  • Review the most promising recruitment prospects with the CSE Graduate Student Resume Book
  • Get to know our faculty and graduate students face-to-face in school-hosted lunches and informal meetings
  • Shape the kinds of computational and data scientists you want to hire with invited feedback on the CSE graduate program curriculum
  • Extend your brand to the wider CSE community through placement of your corporate logo on the CSE website and Strategic Partners Wall

The School of CSE works with partners to target their specific research needs, offer a competitive advantage, and affect their bottom lines. In doing so, CSE delivers the tangible benefit of a highly trained computational workforce and rapidly advancing research programs that keep pace with reality.

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