Data Engineering and Science

Meet CSE Profile: Professor Edmond Chow

Profile of School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Professor Edmond Chow.

School Welcomes Four New Assistant Professors

Georgia Tech’s School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is continuing to grow with the hire of four tenure-track faculty.

Biomedical Analytics Research Earns Team Gordon Bell Prize Nomination

Computational scientists have developed the first ever algorithm to run over one exaflop on a graph artificial intelligence demonstration.

New Tool Makes Misinformation Easier to Identify, Understand and Stop

CSE and Avast Software have developed MisVis, a tool that can help online users identify and stop the spread of misinformation

Team Phoenix Takes Home a Top Ranking in Premier HPC Competition

Georgia Tech's undergraduate team places third in one of the world's top high performance computing competitions

Gordon Bell Finalist Uses Supercomputing to Connect the Dots Across Academic Bodies of Work

Graduate Student Vijay Thakkar and Associate Professor Rich Vuduc helps define cutting-edge high performance computing process to connect concepts across bodies of work

Why is This New Deep Learning Visualization Going Viral?

Built by the team of eight over the course of a year, CNN Explainer’s robust programming is uniquely developed for both the novice and veteran deep learning researcher.


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