Data Engineering and Science

Six Members of GT Computing Awarded Prestigious Fellowships

J.P. Morgan, IBM, Snap, and Facebook awarded six College of Computing faculty and students.

CSE Chair David Bader Recognized as Author of Top Influential Paper

David Bader was recognized as the author of a most impactful paper in the HiPC conference history.

Jimeng Sun Named in Top 100 Leaders in AI for Health

CSE Associate Professor Jimeng Sun was named as one of the top 100 global leaders in artificial intelligence for health.

Issac Set for Live Streaming Presentation This Week as Part of SIAM CSE19 Best Paper Prize

Georgia Tech researchers head to SIAM CSE 2019 this week to present leading research mathematics and computational science research.

Georgia Tech and NIH Create a New Method that Quickly Defines Microbial Species Boundaries

CSE Ph.D. student Chirag Jain and CSE Professor Srinivas Aluru, along with a team of researchers from Georgia Tech and NIH, have created a new method that can quickly identify microbial organisms.

New Deep Learning Approach Improves Access to Sleep Diagnostic Testing

CSE Associate Professor Jimeng Sun and Ph.D. student Siddharth Biswal are part of a research team with Massachusetts General Hospital that have created a deep learning algorithm to perform sleep diagnostic testing.


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