People and Technology

College Alum Returns to Campus as Brand Ambassador for GT Computing Career Fair

CSE Alumnus Lluis Miquel Munguía talks Career Fair, Employment at Google, and Seeing the Light at the End of the Application Process

'Human Rights' May Help Shape Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Georgia Tech researchers say ethics and transparency are likely top 2019 trends in the burgeoning field of AI.

Georgia Tech Will Show Off Latest Research at AI’s ‘Hottest’ Conference

Georgia Tech will present 26 papers at NeurIPS, a premier AI conference happening December 2-8 in Montreal, Quebec.

Georgia Tech Superheroes of Supercomputing Make a Powerful Debut at SC’18

A new trading card series of superheroes represents Georgia Tech's latest high-performance computing research at the Supercomputing Conference series.

Georgia Tech Ph.D. Student Wins Best Paper Honorable Mention at IEEE VIS 2018

Hohman and Conlen demonstrate how artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of Art can be categorized using machine learning techniques.

Georgia Tech research shapes data literacy and usability at IEEE VIS 2018

Georgia Tech faculty and graduate students will present their latest research in information visualization and visual analytics, including 14 papers, at the annual IEEE Visualization (IEEE VIS) Conference in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 21-26.


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