CSE Ph.D. Students Claim Three Prestigious Fellowships

School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Ph.D. students won three prestigious fellowship awards for 2018. The awards included fellowships with IBM, Google, and NASA.

These awards are among some of the most selective fellowships given each year worldwide and are a testament to the quality of both the students and professors in CSE. 

Chen’s research develops next-generation cybersecurity defenses by uniquely combing techniques from artificial intelligence, security, and algorithmic game theory.

Hohman’s research focuses on designing and developing interactive tools that enable people to make sense of deep neural networks using principles from human-computer interaction and data visualization.

Kahng was one of 39 students in North America to receive the award and one of three students to receive the award in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the nation. His research aims to develop interactive and visual tools to help people explore, interpret, and engage with machine learning systems. 

All three students share the same advisor, Polo Chau, who was recently promoted to associate professor and awarded tenure

Chau said, “I am tremendously proud of our students' accomplishments and their worldwide recognition by some of the most admired companies and federal government agencies.”

“These simultaneous honors exemplify Georgia Tech's research leadership in a wide spectrum of high-impact domains: AI + security (Shang); visual analytics + machine learning (Brian); and graph analytics + interactive deep learning interpretation (Fred).”