Eberhard Voit

Adjunct Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Research Areas: 
Biomedical Systems, Metabolic Pathways, Biochemical Systems Theory, S-systems

My main expertise is in the field of computational biomedical systems analysis, with particular emphasis on metabolic pathway systems. In addition to about 300 full-length articles and book chapters, a good number of them in the biostatistical literature, I have authored, co-authored, and edited five books on the subject of biological systems. My lab’s modeling experience includes a rich variety of theoretical and applied studies using diverse computational methodologies, including discrete and probabilistic phenomena, models of interactions between bacteria and drugs, bacterial metapopulations, cell population models with heterogeneous characteristics, signaling systems, systems exposed to unpredictable or chaotic inputs, specific disease models, studies on the role of microorganisms in human disease, generic models of inflammation and of personalized medicine and predictive health, infectious diseases, exposure assessment and environmental health, as well as health economics. Throughout my career, the education of emerging systems biologist has been of great importance to me, and I have published papers, tutorials, and books specifically on educational matters. For this project I will serve as the PI, overseeing the progress of the proposed studies and assisting a postdoc with the design of the proposed model and the analysis of data and model results. I have rich experience with physiological and metabolic models, as I have worked in biomedicine for many years.



Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics