CSE M.S. Application Requirements

Interested in applying for Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)?

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Keep in mind:
  • Most students entering the CSE graduate degree programs will have obtained a bachelors degree in a technical field, e.g., computer science, mathematics, or a science or engineering discipline.
  • Students should have taken undergraduate calculus courses. Some CSE courses will require additional coursework in topics such as linear algebra or differential equations.
  • A working knowledge of probability and statistics will also be helpful in some core courses and specializations.
  • Students should have taken at least one course, but preferably two, and have developed a proficiency in programming in a high level language such as C, Python, or Java.
  • Students deficient in one or more of these areas may still gain admission, but should expect to take some additional coursework.
Home Units

Each student accepted to the MS CSE program is admitted to a specific “home unit.” Some home units may have some additional requirements beyond those described here. The CSE student handbook includes information concerning such requirements. Financial assistance and lab space are typically determined by the rules and practices of the home unit. The application deadlines vary across the home units. When you create an application, selecting a home unit will display its deadline. You may also consult with the home unit through their links below.